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Virtual Server Rental

Rent a Cosmic Virt from us for a special startup price! Just $10 a month gets you 1mbps of transfer, 10GB of storage, and 256MB of RAM, all to yourself! We can have you set up and running in a few hours, all you need to do is contact us. You can also check out our online price list.

Colocation Services

Rent some Cosmic Rackspace from us! For as little as $100 per month you can park your server in a secure colocation facility and take advantage of our premium bandwidth. Contact us now for details.

Outsourced Storage

We can provide you with a CIFS or NFS filesystem you can access from your Virtual or Colocated servers. This storage is enterprise-class, resilient against disk failures, and snapshotted several times per day to ease recovery from accidental deletion or modification of files. Prices start at $0.75/GB/month, contact us for more information.