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Cosmic Colo offers physical and virtual hosting, as well as hosted services such as web and e-mail. Our engineers are experts in volume mail hosting, webhosting, and game server hosting. We also have significant experience with virtual servers and high availability.

Our server farm is located underground near LAX in beautiful Los Angeles, California. We have premium blended bandwidth with consistently short routes and low latency, suitable for real-time applications and fast webservers alike. In addition, our virtual farm is resilient against hardware failure, meaning that if the physical box housing your virtual server fails somehow, your virtual server will be automatically moved to another physical host. In most cases, it results in no loss of service.

Our e-mail hosting services feature rich, web-based management capabilities, up-to-the-minute virus and spam filtering, and a wide variety of access methods.

Our backend storage is enterprise-class and resilient against multiple hard disk failures. Virtual servers and e-mail alike are snapshotted aggressively, allowing for instant rollback of as little as 4 hours and as much as 3 days. In addition, our data (and yours!) is backed up to a secure offsite location nightly.